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Now I'll have to do it (which is me making myself doing it but blaming others. And I'm fine with that.. :))

Twenty Years Ago...
I was 18. I was in the middle of my freshman year at Mount Holyoke College and mostly enjoying living in Western Massachusetts. I was deep into comic books at the time and following the unique writing of J.M. DeMatteis on Marvel's the Defenders. I wrote my first fan letter to J.M. That was the start of a good time. I got all Cs in my first semester, but for the next semester I got As and Bs and I had faith that I would be able to pick a major. It was very strange living apart from my parents and I revelled in the freedom to be able to eat onion rings and large ice cream sundaes.

10 Years Ago:
I was 28. I had just graduated to the Internet MUSHing from Compu$erve and I had gotten an actual computer programming job instead of being a computer operator. Otherwise, things were still pretty much the same. I really don't feel as if I've changed much since I was 13. I'm sure this is wrong, but it's a feeling that I've never developed past there. This was a decent time for me, except that I was beginning to feel the fear that I would never be like a grown woman. I'd be 50 and living with my parents and still have acne and still be a virgin and still not know what I wanted to do with my life.

5 years ago...
I was 33. I moved out from my parents and started rooming with Dayna. We promptly bonded by gaining weight together due to 5 am visits to the grocery store for ice cream. Hell has no fury like women who want ice cream at 5 am and the store doesn't open until 6. Otherwise, still me. At least I'm consistent.

1 year ago...
I was 37. Dayna and I are still living together, but we improved the situation by acquiring adorable kitties. I love my cat deeply, enough I already get teary realizing that I will only have her company a short time before she goes to kitty heaven. Otherwise the same except that I lost weight and my skin finally cleared up. Improvement, yay! The other improvement was to seriously pursue Reclaiming witchcraft, which I feel has definitely been a good decision. I don't like people well enough to be a good Christian, anyway. Besides, I like there to be goddesses as well as gods.

I consolidated on my mysterious new enjoyment of cooking by baking a cake, a potato, and cooking chicken tenders for sandwiches. I hand washed the dishes from the dishwasher that didn't get clean and ran the dishwasher empty to clean it out. If this mad domestic rush continues I may clean out my room enough to put in a computer desk.. maybe even have it clean enough in this apartment to have my mother over. Now /that/ would be change.
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