LilacFree (lilacfree) wrote,

I have achieved a strange place in roleplaying. I have been forced to rp with myself. Loriel, having temporarily been turned from Sidhe to Redcap, has been dealing with the moroseness of the kith. To her it feels like she's had a lava pit installed, seething rage continuously bubbling up smoke and steam and threatening to erupt and devour all in its path. She ran into a bunch of people in the Bizarre planning a night out. They tried to include her, she pointed out that she wasn't good company at the moment and underage to boot. They ended up throwing an impromptu dance party in the piazza. Loriel couldn't bring herself to dance. She is one who has always loved to dance--not that she's any great world class dancer, she simply enjoys it and has a reasonable amout of skill. It was eating her up inside. So she walked away from the party to another area. And there... all by myself, I had to rp. Because the character demanded it.

Loriel stands on the docks and holds her arms out to the sea breeze. Where is the dance? It was in her... was it the Sidhe and not Loriel? But she is Elenar...Elenar.. "Elenar. ELENAR!"

I am so freaked.
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