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Elements of Magick class finished up better than I hoped. On Sunday morning we walked through the labyrinth in the host's backyard (7 layer Cretan Labyrinth, constructed with string and little craft dowels) with the purpose of discovering an intention for the ritual we were to create and perform that evening as the climax of the class. I'm not especially good at divination, I'm still learning to trust my intuition. At the center of the Labyrinth I got a flash of the new moon, then walking out I began to feel pretty strongly that it should be some sort of initiatory experience. Now while this is vague, once we all sat down and talked out our ideas it turned out that we were on the same wavelength close enough to reach what one of the teachers called the fastest consensus on ritual intention she'd ever seen in the class.

But they were nervous because we kept giggling fiendishly and told them to go away when they asked how we were doing. There were three students including me to design the ritual, with the option of asking the teachers to take on some of the roles. We used the ordinary Reclaiming structure and had the main work to be our special creation. We invoked Cerridwen, Mistress of the Cauldron of Rebirth; Artemis for the new moon; and Orion for god energy and his connection with Artemis. Orion is also a symbol of rebirth since after his death he was sent to dwell among the stars as a constellation, with his faithful dog Sirius--and at this time of year maybe we should have invoked Sirius explicitly and not merely implicitly.

We used the Labyrinth again, it was just irresistible despite the heat. The Labyrinth was centered around Sarsen's Maypole that had been left up since Beltaine: ribbons, dried flowers and all. The older woman of our trio was elected to represent the Goddess in the heart of the Labyrinth; the male student was the Guardian at the Gate of the Underworld. I was the chaotic spirits of the Underworld, harassing the travelers on their journey of death and rebirth. Not even the teachers knew what we were going to do, which was a good deal of the fun. We set up a black cloth to symbolize the veil of night.. in my mind it represented the waning moon sinking into the waters; the dark of the moon. This cloth hid the immediate proceedings from the participants, they didn't get the whole picture until they passed the cloth. The Guardian smeared their foreheads with ash and told them that now they were dead and must descend into the Underworld, where they could cast off whatever had burdened them in their mortal life. Then, as they walked the path it was my job to harass them, which I did by shaking rattles, waving my (sheathed) athame, and jangling a tambourine. The idea was to try to throw them off balance with nonsense and words of discouragement and distraction--'you don't know what you're doing' 'you're going the wrong way' 'why don't you lie down and rest?' 'hey, I know where you could have fun, let's go party!'. I didn't plan too much what I was going to say ahead of time, I just threw myself into it--it got very challenging when there were several people in the Labyrinth and I had to make sure I bugged everyone at least once.

When everyone had hit the center and was turning back, I walked the Labyrinth myself and at the center met the Goddess who asked me what I wanted. I told her I didn't want to have to say nasty things to people any more and asked to be able to help them and be helped myself in return. She granted the wish and told me to take what I needed back into the living world. With a green leaf in my hand as a symbol of renewed life I wound my way from the Labyrinth. It was a good experience.

Then I had a hot date with a war god--went over to a friend's house for some soft role play in one of my local D&D (are you surprised?) games. I'm enjoying this one immensely because my character is romantically involved with Ares. Yes, I know he's a bad boy, but I have a weakness for bad boys. The GM chose to portray him as he's played on the TV series Xena and Hercules. The actor is a tall buff dark handsome guy in black leather with beautiful hands and a rich dark voice. I understand he's happily married, more power to him. :) He's given me a great deal of enjoyment in playing that role, and now I get the fun of having my own minor copy. Since I haven't had anything resembling a boyfriend except once several years ago, roleplaying being in love is a source of joy to me (and btw, the GM is happily married too, more power to him. It's not a personal thing!) This is the advantage of having a vivid imagination.

Even better, since this kept me up to 3am (naughty me, on a work night), I didn't log on last night. If I had, I would have found one of my online characters in a very bad situation. My character and her ic husband are due to be attacked by some extremely nasty character for what looks like mostly ooc reasons. As much as I love the availability of online gaming, situations like these are a real pain. My prediction: I will log on, the other people will insist on attacking at a distance that will mean that though they intend to kill my character they won't actually rp with her. Nor have I /ever/ rped with these people in the past. I regard this as an offense of player etiquette. This is supposed to be a Storytelling game, not a session of Doom. I may report later on what happened, just to get it off my chest.
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