LilacFree (lilacfree) wrote,

I can't remember if I posted this before, and I'm too lazy to look, but I found it while sorting old email and thought I'd post this in honor of Beltaine. It's kind of a cosmic shopping list o' luvv.

What I want in a man

I want a man with a rich masculine voice. A baritone would be nice. I'd like to lie with my head against his chest and feel the gentle rumble as he spoke, no matter what he said.

I want a man will speak his feelings to me from time to time. If he needs to be silent, sometimes I need to be silent.

I want a man who loves the great themes in literature and history and culture: passion, love, honor, forgiveness, loyalty, steadfastness. If he likes Captain Harlock and J.R.R. Tolkien and T.H. White he's probably the right man for me.

I want a man who loves poetry. If he can browse in the Norton Anthology of poetry and find something he'd like to read out loud I will be tingly.

I want a man who laughs at my puns. And he has to like cats and put up with the occasional scratch, hairball, 'accident', food stealing, and cat hair gifting.

I want a man who calls me on it when I'm wrong and can put up with my sulking--not TOO much--until I admit I'm wrong. I'll try to do the same for him.

I want a pagan man who can dance and sing and chant for the Lord and the Lady. I want him to appreciate the mystery of my femininity and be happy that I appreciate the mystery of his masculinity.

I want a man who could spend an afternoon in an art museum without me dragging him there. If he does that I can put up with him watching ESPN occasionally.

I want a man who loves music from ancient to folk to rock to classical. If he can play an instrument, that would be nice, and even better if he likes to sing just for fun.

I want a man who knows how to handle tools enough to handle small problems. Fix a leaky faucet, hammer a nail, change a tire. He can deal with a spider without laughing too much at my wussy arachnaphobia.

I want a man who will help around the house and can put up with my clutteriness.

I want a man who knows where all the local bookstores and libraries are.

I want a man who is willing to dress up once in a while and be formal. He can be happy drinking champagne in a fancy restaurant yet also eats junk food. If he likes to cook, great.

I'd like him to have patience, please, and since I'm asking, I'd like more patience for me.

And on that note, if I find him, let me appreciate him and treat him right.

From my voice to your ears, Lord and Lady, aid me in my search.

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