LilacFree (lilacfree) wrote,

Sometimes I have a hard time remembering what was a dream and what was real. For instance, I dreamed about trying to catch my cat to brush her. I do that all the time anyway, and she behaved in the dream like she does anyway.

Then today I was looking at a CNN article that mentioned PETA and I remembered that I'd dreamed of a buffalo. It was a very realistic image, though for some reason the buffalo was inhabiting a small bit of lawn between two houses on a low hill. The grass was very very green and the buffalo very vivid. I remember that burnt-black color hide with the heavy fur on the head and shoulders, and the way its horns shown. It was restlessly going back and forth, turning in the small space that was maybe twice as long as the animal. I was with some people in a car, and I said something like, "Look, there's a buffalo."

It was a very nice buffalo.
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