LilacFree (lilacfree) wrote,

This is the latest thing to batter out of my brain. It appears to be some sort of Elemental Quarters chant. Though I wonder how practical using any such would be. Would five people memorize each stanza? My experience so far has been people mostly prefer to wing it in their own words. And I have an AWFUL time reciting.

East the sunrise, clouds ride high!
Calling blowing hearing knowing!
Soar eagle, open the sky
Sharp the edge from a cold wind blew.

South burns hottest, sun high noon
Blazing working doing willing!
Flowers unfolding, mirror moon
The forging fire, the heating brew.

West is water, encircling sea!
Leaping reflecting cleansing daring!
Rising spring, rain falling free,
Passion?s tiding and salt blood?s rue.

North is the earth, hill and glen
Enduring bearing holding silence.
Deep the roots, secrets past ken
Ground the old then rise up anew.

Center spirit, look inside
Breathing becoming being be!
See with the heart, love be guide
Endless spiral, turn to the true.
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