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Kevin Smith is dead.

No, not 'Mallrats', 'Dogma' Silent Bob Kevin Smith, the other one. The New Zealand actor who appeared principally as Ares, God of War, on the Xena and Hercules series. Those who didn't need to be told that probably know he died last spring in an accident. Today I was watching one of my Xena tapes and it sort of hit me all over again.
I don't claim any personal stake in mourning for Mr. Smith. I never met him, and if he had lived, it's highly unlikely I would have ever been within a square mile of him, let alone had the opportunity to meet him personally. But I greatly enjoyed his work and I didn't have to know him personally to feel that his death is a great loss. He was in the prime of life and his career was on the upswing. I may grieve for him; I can hardly imagine how much his family and friends must be hurting.

I don't think I'll ever be able to watch one of my Xena episodes again without thinking, 'Goodbye, Ares.'
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