LilacFree (lilacfree) wrote,

I had a weird dream this morning. I was in an airport, preparing to catch a flight to Dallas to attend some sort of sf convention. But for some reason I don't know my flight so I am walking past the gates looking for a flight to Dallas. It's at night. I find an information desk, but the attendant ends her shift -right- then before I can ask for help. I find a schedule, so I take it to look at it, and it's impossible to read. Full of tiny print and adds, and though it's organized by cities I can't ever seem to turn to the page for Dallas.

Enter the subplot. I become aware that there is a man who is trying to ship two prized pigs. He has taken some people who I label Armenians--they are Slavic and wearing black--to look at the pigs and tell them about his problem. Their solution: they want to go ahead and slaughter the pigs so fhe good meat won't be wasted.

I become aware that the stuff is scattered out of my suitcase, and because there are people nearby I start to worry that my stuff could be stolen and I try to pick it up. I begin to wonder if I remembered to bring my convention membership or if I left it at home. As I start to wake up, it occurs to me that the information I need should be on my flight pass.

All in all a frustrating experience. I'm surprised I wasn't naked, too.
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