LilacFree (lilacfree) wrote,

Have to record this....

The guardian was not easily seen, a black robed figure with pale hands. The arch was like a cathedral arch. He gave me a bright gold coin with a sheath of wheat on it. I walked through into darkness and wind. I became aware that it was a ravine, as abrupt as if a giant axe had been slammed down into the living rock. Above there was sky, and just above, at ground level, a kind of white misty glow. The path was rocky, the sides sheer. But it began to climb until finally I could step up. There was a plain, sort of silvery misty, and I felt there was an ocean shore just out of sight. It was night, and the plain was a mirror, and it was cracked and I had climbed out of the crack. It was a puzzle and the coin was a clue. I had the idea that I should throw the coin up into the air, but I resisted. I held it up to my eye and there was a flash of blue like day. I tossed the coin into the air and there was sunshine and blue sky. A heat shimmer in the distance, and I knew I was going to see a mirage. The mirage was of a castle, but I couldn't really make out its appearance, the mirror effect was very deceptive. I thought 'Fata Morgana', and then 'the mirror cracked from side to side' which is from the Lady of Shalott poem. I couldn't go any farther then.
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