LilacFree (lilacfree) wrote,

I had a bit of an interesting dream last night. I retained some of it.

I was going to a new age type store. When I got there it was closed, and I thought, I should have realized it wouldn't be open this late. I started to go back to my car and then a woman came up to me and told me that it was open but everyone was downstairs. I went back and there were lights on and people, so I went in.

I was supposed to be getting married to the earth. I seem to recall thinking I was already married and I would need some sort of purification. And I was shopping for things to be used after these goals. I remember looking at some curious wooden objects that were like pipes but not all of them had bowls. One of them was sort of a little grotesque skeletal head on a stick. It was more amusing than ugly. It had its mouth wide open with big horsey teeth.
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