LilacFree (lilacfree) wrote,

I've had two comic book dreams lately. The first one was extremely vivid and included taste as a sensation. The second one was shorter and not so detailed.

In the first one, I was a maid in Castle Doom. First I was helping a new maid find her way around the servants' passages. Then I was assigned to clean out a secret chamber. It looked as though someone had lived there recently. It was a very comfortable place and decorated for Christmas. The weirdest part of it was the female Doom doll. It had a mask and armor from the waist up then a green skirt below. It was a talking doll and seemed to be lonely and I told it I would come back soon. It was like a real creature and I felt sorry for it. I had the vague impression that the chamber had belonged to Valeria, in the comics canon this character was Doom's childhood gypsy friend.

In the second dream, I was Susan Storm, the Invisible Woman. I've always had affection for this character because we had the same first name. The Human Torch was being forced to burn against his will and I saved him by grabbing up a large quantity of water with my force field and dumping it on him.

As usual, when I have an action adventure oriented dream, I am calm and controlled and very rational, competently handling whatever comes my way.
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