LilacFree (lilacfree) wrote,

I had a dream about JRR Tolkien. No, not about the books. It was quite vivid. He was dressed like he was in the author pictures on the book jackets, only sans pipe. He was at my parents' house, in the living room, only there was different furniture in there and the far end of the room was a big built in bookcase with my books in it. I distinctly saw the jacket of Pratchett's 'The Fifth Elephant'.

Anyway, Professor Tolkien was very gracious. He asked me if that was my Harry Potter ceramic figuring on the side table. I said it wasn't, it was Dayna's figurine. It was from the Harry Potter books but it wasn't Harry Potter, it might have been Ron or Hermione. I got the impression that he was asking me the question to put me at ease and that he liked Harry Potter. Then he wanted to ask Viggo Mortensen something and Viggo came into the room. I only saw a tall dark blur, because I get shy of looking at people that I would like to stare at, so I didn't focus on him.

But Professor Tolkien was wonderfully nice. I only wish I could ask him questions. Like, did Elladan and Elrohir ever go to the Undying Lands? And so on, and so on. It was such a vivid dream it truly gave me a feeling that I got to meet him.
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