LilacFree (lilacfree) wrote,

Back from Con

CONsciousness: the state of being at Dragon*Con. That feeling that you must wear your con badge at all times, that it is normal to see people in leather and chains going down the escalator with Imperial Stormtroopers and people in faux Medieval garb. My greatest achievement at con this year was sussing the program map. I was good at finding events. One thing I didn't manage well was sleep. I think I'm going to have to give in and share bedspace with someone next year or else bring an air mattress. I'm so used to sleeping on my lovely queen bed with room to toss and turn that being on the floor with a blanket and foam sheet just didn't cut it. I had to take afternoon naps. And I had only one psychotic event, which is an improvement from previous years. I think more sleep might have prevented that one. Let's see: my button giving was fairly successful. I think the best belongs to Dan, most enthusiastic player of the Moulin Rouge drinking game, which says: 'I have a positive attitude about my destructive habits'. Mine says 'This Human Owned By A Cat'. Buttons should be true but humorous. I'd like to have spent more time with friends, but we just weren't doing the same things. For one thing, I really needed those afternoon naps. Being in a con is like being in Circle without the safety net. An altered state of mind, people of like tastes. You know, maybe the best part of the con was turning people on to Moulin Rouge. After seeing the movie I begged everyone I knew to go see it. Well at the con most of the people were there when we found out the movie was playing in the hotel tv system. And they loved it. HAH! You should see it on the BIG screen! Wish I could again. I should look for it. Maybe it's still playing /somewhere/. MR appeals to my strong romantic streak. Ewan McGregor sings beautifully, he should be cloned; I want one. I like best the way the movie uses romantic cliches and gives them to you as if they were freshly minted, the way I imagine such words seem to all people in love. I swear I will never hesitate to see a Baz Luhrman flick again. I am sold, I am converted, Baz is god.
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