LilacFree (lilacfree) wrote,

I had a genuine craving today, driving, powerful. I wanted to swim. I drove home after watching the Matrix Reloaded and there was the pool, all crystal blue and I wanted to be in it. I wanted to immerse myself in the cool water.

But I don't have a bathing suit, and I didn't want to get chlorine on my dried hair and it was probably too cool...

I took out a lot of trash, and I kept passing the pool. I thought, "maybe next trip I'll go paddle my feet."

A couple of trips later, "I could wear my leotard or shorts and a shirt and go in."

Then: after I clean the cat boxes.

So after that I put on my leotard, grabbed a towel, and went to the pool deck. And it was locked. So I walked back inside and had a shower as a poor substitute for what I really wanted.

Maybe this doesn't seem big, but the thing is, I haven't been in a pool for ten years at least. So why tonight?
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