LilacFree (lilacfree) wrote,

I'm so happy! I found a log that has the desc of my first dragon, green Xereketh from Harper's Tale

This young green dragon is graceful and sleekly feminine. In the air she is agile
and quick, changing directions on a tenth-mark. On the ground she is limber,
less lumbering than the larger dragons. Poised, she is like some exquisite statue
formed of living gems. The primary color of her gleaming hide is the tart apple-green
of chrysoprase, shaded with cool blue-green jade. The delicate lines of perfectly formed
muscle and tendon send back gleams of golden topaz at the merest touch of light.
Her finest glory is her wings; translucent veils of shimmering aquamarine green.

I was more proud of this desc at the time than I am now, but I still think I lucked out with a great dragon name.
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