LilacFree (lilacfree) wrote,

Movie Magic

I've been OD'ing on movies. Within 24 hours, I have seen Terminator 3, the Hulk, and the Matrix Reloaded (third time). T3 was pretty good but nothing fantabulous. Ah-nold got the best lines, except


when John Connor tells the girl with the machine gun that she reminds him of his mother.


I was just in the mood for MR. Felt like seeing it again, it's such a spectacle with all that high speed kineticism to enjoy.

I enjoyed the Hulk more than I expected. I didn't find the Hulk as impressive a CGI creation as Gollum. On reflection, I believe that the main difference is that Gollum really interacts with his co-stars. Hulk... Hulk smash. What I enjoyed most about the Hulk movie was the scenes of him leaping around. He was like a big child gone all ferret poingy. There were a couple of moments where I thought he was going to spread his arms out and pretend he was flying. I also liked watching him toss tanks around. They gave a proper impression of that effortless strength. The Hulk is like a big angry two-year old. He doesn't rein in his anger, he expects it to shake the world. And he doesn't understand why world-shaking doesn't solve his problems. He has all that strength, but all he can use it for is destruction. It was an oddly moving movie.
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