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Hmmm, got an organizational pagan new moon meeting coming up--and organizing pagans /is/ just like herding cats--they run to food, are easily distracted, and often on their own trip when you want their attention. But cats are more soft and fluffy. :) Especially my cats. And after that, Mabon--or if you prefer, the autumnal equinox.

We want to name our Circle. Names. Oo. Names. I like names, but they must be given with care and love. I had suggested Caldera for a regional group name, but that's too big for a local group. Right now I'm having a feeling that a Circle name will turn up only when we see who makes it to the organizational meeting. But I'm going to try anyway--and Dayna wants craft name suggestions. Think, brain, think! Mush! Whoa, better not use that command.

Hmm. Something with Dance in it, maybe. Gyre is probably right out. Maybe after Kennesaw Mountain? Moutain Dance? Try to think of something with Sara's imagery... the dolmen, the well, the spring. Wellspring is a great name, but it's been used or so I believe. Pathseekers Dreamdance Dreamstone Well of Dreams Dreampath. It would be nice to use something to evoke the trancing and shadow work we've been doing. You know, I sort of like Dreampath. Okay, next...

Dayna. Hmm. Er. Drum I still don't like--as I told her, call yourself Drum everyone will ask where your drum is. Drumbeat, perhaps? But I'd like something more richly evocative.. more dark and fiery. Hmm. Hmm. Okay, next...

Now for equinox, I definitely have some ideas. This is the last Sabbat before Samhain, before winter and the season of darkness. I associate the equinox with storms, and with my storm chant, which goes:
Thunder and lightning dance in the sky
Wind blows; rain falls; earth drinks deep
Fire, fire, fire in the sky!
Light my spirit--flashing! flashing!

So I will suggest, lots of drumming and chanting and dancing. Sort of a prep for Samhain. Fall cleaning as it were.. well, maybe I don't have the symbology quite right, but heck I should really like to do lots of drumming and chanting and rattling and dancing and tambourine banging. It feels stormy.
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