LilacFree (lilacfree) wrote,

Return of the King.

There may be spoilers, because it's 4:11 am as I write this and I just got back from the movie. I find myself a little sad. I've waited for a movie since I read the books in the mid 70's, and now I've seen all the movie there may ever be in my lifetime. Oh, sure, there will be new stuff in the extended version, but that's only an elaboration on the story. The real heart of the story was finished tonight, and The End is the end.

I went with Jeremy. The theatre was pretty full, but naturally I had to get stuck with a giggler behind me. I can only surmise that this unfortunate is so ill-adept at registering serious emotions that she feels compelled to giggle at non-funny moments in an attempt to prove a stylish nonchalance.

She needs to die.

Okay, spoilery bits ahead....

Legolas's hair is particularly beautiful in the coronation scene. Even Aragorn has finally used conditioner. No wonder he felt confident enough to kiss Arwen like that right in front of Elrond, Gondor, and everyone. Elijah Wood was amazing, but I predict people will appreciate Sean Astin more, because Frodo went into places that are hard to follow, but Sam's particular journey is easier to understand. They showed such true, deep friendship that it makes me tear up just to remember certain scenes. Eowyn and Merry kicked Nazgul ass just as they should have. I think if PJ had changed that bit there would have been violence. Billy Boyd as Pippin gets to sing for Denethor and he does so very nicely.
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