LilacFree (lilacfree) wrote,

Stuff. Stuff Stuff. I had a melange of dreams. I dreamed I was with Michael in a parking lot and he had a brand new champagne colored truck, one of those big pickups. I dreamed I left the stove on under my copper teakettle and it was ruined. Then I dreamed I was with Dayna and Viggo Mortensen at the Mythic Journeys con.

No, no one got naked. There was not even the hint of nakedness. Sorry. You have your own dream about Viggo... and ya know, if I did have that dream, I wouldn't tell, nyaah.

Anyway, we met Viggo through this media guy he knew--Viggo came up and talked to us about something. The group went back to my hotel room, which was a suite with a kitchen. Viggo volunteered to cook something and I immediately offered to do it instead and save him the trouble. He gave me this look and ... hey... it was a -piercing- look, just like in all those bad descs. I could tell he knew the truth. So I admitted, "Yes, I'm territorial about my kitchen," and he laughed. I recall wondering if I could get away cooking stuff with Splenda instead of sugar.

I made tapioca with Splenda. It was pretty good but rather characterless. Yeah, I know, it's tapioca, practically a synonym for bland, but it just felt like something was missing. Next time I'll try replacing part of the Splenda with a teaspoon of brown sugar.

I generally get along fairly well with men, to the extent I get along with and meet people at all. I tend to like them better than I like women. I have a delusion that they are more likely to accept me for who I am and not be judging. On the other hand, lately I have received the distinct impression that men are being nicer to me than they used to be. Maybe it's the weight loss, I have a less obviously fat figure, but I am still far from svelte. Don't know quite what to think about it.

LOTR stuff. Cos there's -always- LOTR stuff. Orlando Bloom saw Viggo's Vanity Fair cover with a GQ cover then raised him a Teen People cover. Let's hope the cover wars don't stop until one of them gets to Playgirl. Sam/Frodo stuff... no, not slash fiction. It's not surprising Sam seems to get more recognition as a character, and for the actor, than Frodo. Sam is intensely loveable. Sam is the best friend incarnate. People want their own Sam. Frodo... Frodo is the prophet in the wilderness, the one with a bad case of truth. He evolves out of hobbitdom, and the particular journey his character goes on takes him away from the world. He's less sympthetic because you can't sympathize with him. It's strangely apoosite that Frodo ends up in the West, because in a sense he took a bite of the apple and is sent forth from the garden. Frodo tries his best and ultimately fails, gives everything and loses everything. He's the hero who fails.
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