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I have been identity thefted. Here's hoping my existing debts kept Nasty from adding much more debts. My kitchen and utility room have been efficiently stripped, resheetrocked, relinoleumed, and the house smells like spackle. It's making Cinnamon high. The floor is immaculate 3 weeks before moving. Whee.

In more interesting news, I found this wonderful quote from Bagenders....

Bagenders: The Sound You Hear Is Tolkien Rotating

"Lots! For different occasions! I mean, this here is a scimitar, and this here is a claymore, and this is a rapier - all completely different. And then there are everyday swords, long swords, short swords, practice swords, ceremonial swords, spare swords, emergency backup swords-"

[updated to add more, cos it makes me giggle]

"Aragorn... you don't normally limp?"
"It's an old war wound."
"Which war?"
"The war you fought on the way to the bathroom or the one on the way back? You weren't limping when you left. Aragorn, what are you hiding in your trousers?"
"That's a rather personal question, isn't it?"
Legolas folded his arms and stared at Aragorn until he gave in and very carefully drew a sword out of his trouser leg.
"Another sword?"
"It's sixteenth century, from the height of the gothic movement and they were only asking for a tenner because they were using it as a fire poker. Please can I keep it?"
"Are you going to look after this one, or just put it in the loft?"
"Look after it."
"Alright then, as long as it's just the one."
Aragorn nodded forcefully, hoping that Legolas wouldn't notice the skean dubh in his other boot.

That's a quote from Bagender's Aragorn, but doesn't it sound like a certain someone most of the people reading this journal know? :)
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