LilacFree (lilacfree) wrote,

Mixed feelings

It's hard to get past the horror of September 11 and think of other things. So I guess I'll have to put something down.

I'd far rather be a victim of terrorism than a terrorist. The horrible thing about them is that they're human. They were all once cute little babies, but they grew up to not mind killing babies. Terrorism is like suicide. It's an ultimately futile act, vain and selfish. And yes, it is cowardly. Nihilism is giving up on the world. I'm convinced from my own experience that it's easier to die for what you believe than live for it. How hard can dying be when we're all going to do it, like it or not?

At the very least I've gained some new perspective on myself. My little act of self-mutiliation at the con was, on a very tiny and insignifcant scale, the same sort of act as these attacks. 'Oo, she's so miserable and conflicted she scratched her hand. She must have /issues/.' A lot easier thing to do, though, than to take action to fix what's wrong in my life.

I'll stop this entry here and post something upbeat next.
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