LilacFree (lilacfree) wrote,

Karate Exhibition

Ten dollars. Very cheap. On a Sunday. Masters doing cool shit. Students on the spot. How can you miss it?


I'm trying to panic. I have to put it that way, because although panicking at the notion of being asked to perform something that requires precision and accuracy in front of people who can do it better is... well, along with all my other anxieties I certainly have performance anxiety. But I am also aware, through the energy training I have had, that this is a self-inflicted fear. I am attempting to stop myself trying to panic, having realized at this point that as a good follower I am not well suited to saying 'no' to my sensei, especially when he needs me. All that aside, I am more and more pleased that I'm able to apply pagan teachings to karate class. And this evening we studied threatened areas, so my d20 gaming came in handy, too. Heehee. I almost lost it. But I did not want to try to explain it to the sensei, whose English though good is not perfect, and RPGs are often not easily explained even without the language barrier.
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