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People talk a lot about faith when what they mean…what they want…is certainty. Certainty is not virtuous. It’s comfortable, but not virtuous. Discomfort is good for you sometimes. Questions are not bad; doubt is not bad. I think, if you look around you, both at the world in general and at what produces genuine good in the world, that if God loves anything God loves the questioner.

I am quoting here from Elorie's livejournal. Apologies to her if she does not like me quoting her outside her journal, and I will edit or remove this post as she likes. I have moved all my comment here because I did not want to hijack her LJ with my ranting.

Though humility is considered one of the great virtues of Christianity, many professed Christians don't seem to feel they are arrogant in claiming they know God's will. Nor do I understand those who have faith in a book. Do they really think that the universal truth can be encompassed by a pound of paper and ink? I feel a riddle coming on: Take one Christian, a Bible, lighter fluid, and a match. Ask the Christian if the truth is in the Bible. If Christian says 'yes', then burn the book. Ask then 'where is the truth now?' If the answer is, 'In the other copies of the Bible,' say, 'I can get more matches and lighter fluid, you know.' Of course, about this time the Christian may be thinking about burning you... they have been known to do it in the past.

If gay marriage destroys Western civilization, I think it will be because people reacted with hate and fear to those who want to make a permanent loving commitment. Am I dumb in not seeing how two people of the same sex wanting to live together as officially recognized couples and families will ruin it for heterosexual couples? I ask that rhetorically here, because I'm dead sure there are places where the answer is 'Yes, you're dumb." However, all the anti-gay-marriage rants I've read so far sound like, "Gays get married, then the world cracks open." You know, kind of a big leap in the middle.

I'm going to labor the point, in case you want to skip it. I'm supposed to believe that when two people promise to share their lives in every way and form a permanent official bond of relationship and responsibility is good when they are Adam and Eve and bad when they are Adam and Steve? What changes so much just because there is only one style of genitalia involved? That the Georgia law included language that could be used to invalidate civil unions made me furious! What's next, forced gender reassignment for one half of each gay couple so they'll have a complete set of genitalia? You know, even that plan couldn't cope with bisexuals. Maybe they'll flip a coin or neuter them entirely. Hermaphrodites? How about a little post-natal abortion? I'm not aware that there's conclusive proof that gays are born and not made, but gender ambiguous babies turn up all the time and doctors are starting to understand how risky it is to medically assign gender. We are whole people, not boxes to be labeled with our gender roles.

Thank you for your recent LJ posts, Elorie,you sparked a lot of thoughts in me tonight.
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