LilacFree (lilacfree) wrote,

Not just a figure of speech

I recently experienced the reality of something that up until now has only been a cliche to me. It happened while I was driving. Deep thoughts tend to bubble up when I'm driving; they are unwelcome since it's a bad idea to drive 70mph and be crying. But the event which occasioned this post was unique. I felt what I can only call a pang of conscience. I have never before had such a vivid experience of an emotion translating into physical pain. The emotion caused a response in my body, but it was more than a cramp in the gut. It struck deep. It astonished me right out of my train of thought, and my reaction was, 'I do really have a conscience.' Almost glad.

I decided to post about this on impulse, but on review I think it is a good impulse. I've been thinking lately about writing and LiveJournal. All art is supposed to be communication, but writing begs an audience. You can keep a journal never intending to show it to anyone else, yet writing inevitably has a life of its own. Language is for speaking to others. We do not own the letters or the words, and the copyright on the combination of them is an evanescent concept. And because I am a huge geek, I shall have to end by quoting from Tolkien scholar Tom Shippey: an Old English proverb that he translates as 'Everyone who cries out wants to be heard!'.
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