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I have been using, if you can say that for a site where I hardly ever reply to any of the mail I get, but I thought I would try and compare. I wasn't too impressed with the personality profile. It didn't seem very penetrating, but it wasn't actually inaccurate. I tried to be honest with the questions, though as usual, my answers really didn't feel like they fit too well. They don't show you their prices (unless you go looking, I suppose) until the very end of the process. I got to that stopping point and logged out. The next day I got match notifications. So I logged in to have a look at the scanty information they show you when you haven't given them money. It just seemed to me, looking at the info, that any of these guys were my type at all. Too normal. I need someone who is somewhere around as weird as I am, or who can put up with my greater or lesser weirdness. I closed out the account because I didn't want them to be presenting me to people I couldn't communicate with because I didn't pay money. I didn't feel it was woth $50 for even one month. I like the style of OkCupid much better. However, I don't feel I'm using that very well. I'm starting to worry that I'm just trying to get some validation by logging in to see if someone mailed me. I've exchanged some mail with a few people, and was lucky enough to meet one very wonderful guy even if I didn't feel we were practically compatible. For the larger part, I'm alarmingly tempted to mail back some of these people and go 'dude, what the hell are you on? We're only 34% compatible'.
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