LilacFree (lilacfree) wrote,

My Other Other Obsession

Poetry warning!

I want to be let alone
My soul is mine
have you not had enough?
You had me naked in the dark
You fed on my image

I shared myself willingly not lightly
I learned to show the camera what eyes do not see
I exposed myself for you, and I liked it
You were my lover then, but I am tired
and I want to be alone now

When our affair was over I changed my name
Your cameras followed me in the streets
But you cannot unclothe what I choose to veil
I am myself, I yield to you that other name
The mysterious lady, the tragic lover

I set down my crown and left your court
I look forward not back
You may read what you will in my face
But I will never tell you my secret
Nor feed you from my soul to prove I have one

Let others give up their lives to you
Let them bed and wed and bury in public
I do not love the pressure of assailing eyes
'For a Swede it is natural to be alone'
You have Garbo

Leave me me.
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