LilacFree (lilacfree) wrote,

I 'HEART' Cats

Take insulin.

I really really love cats. I love their big eyes and their soft fluffy tummies and their cunning ears and whiskers. I love the way their walk looks sinuous from the front and silly from the back. I love the way they move their tails. I love how they trot around on their little muffin toes. I love how their coats are so soft and enjoyable to stroke.
I love how they curl up into tight little balls and snooze. I love how they sprawl on the kitchen floor in peril of being stepped on, just to be sure they don't miss out on treats. I love how they turn into opportunistic predators when they smell said treats. I love how they watch my every move like I'm live entertainment. I love how they pounce on each other and wrestle.
I love how Rogue smiles--her eyes are half-closed and she gets this pleasantly indulgent look.
I love how Cinnamon gallops down the hall like a little fluffy thundering herd when she thinks she's going to get to nap on my bed.
I love how Rogue does the elevator butt thing when I scritch her back.
I love how Cinnamon rolls on my shoes.
I don't love cleaning the kitty litter, but they make it worth my while.

I have to go take my insulin now. You worship at the Kitty Shrine.
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