LilacFree (lilacfree) wrote,

fanfic mentioned but not included

Spoilery up through the latest Tenth Doctor episode Doomsday.

I shall resist the urge to write a fanfic where Reinette comes on board the TARDIS and has a lesbian relationship with Rose and they kick the Doctor and Mickey out and doing all the universe saving themselves. Maybe with Captain Jack.

What with this spree of Reinette bashing fic? It's fascinating to contemplate the rage of these writers. Is it just a trend? The fashion? I hope it blows over. Maybe it's Doomsday backlash. Rose is gone and they want to make the Doctor really sorry he ever Snogged Another.

I dunno. I'll just sit here biting my nails and waiting for people to review my fic. Cos I want to pwn their brains, even just a few cells. Mwahaha.
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