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For es and pseudopagan

Jeremy may have already seen this page. But for Emily, really for Emily's mom, I reproduce this excerpt:

The Book of Mormon

The holiest book in the Mormon faith is the aptly named Book of Mormon.Written by Joseph Smith, it is a widely accepted work of fanfiction based on the Bible.In it, Jesus, after having risen from the grave, travels to the NewWorld and tells the Indians about him. Casino Indians, not curryIndians. In the end, Jesus teams up with Cloud Strife, Goofy, and Inuyasha to defeat Satan,who has taken the form of Sephiroth. Jesus becomes Super Saiyan Level 6and then sacrifices his life again and becomes part of the lifestream,but not before Joseph Smith gathers the power of the planet, orsomething like that. Then it goes off into how you can get to have yourown planet if you're a good Mormon or something, but apparently all theplanet are about as shitty as Utah is. I think there's also a part where Joseph Smith fights L. Ron Hubbard to see who gets to be Jedi master.

'nuff said.
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