LilacFree (lilacfree) wrote,

It must be love

I have a habit of becoming fond of characters. Especially in television portrayals, if a character appeals to me in some way, I can be very forgiving of the dumb thing that character does, because I blame the writers. I don't think it necessarily has to do with the actor involved, though I suppose it can. Sean Bean can do little wrong in my eyes, but I wouldn't even count him as my favorite actor. I simply find that he makes anything he's in a more enjoyable watching experience for me.

So if there's some essential quality in a character that wins my heart, I can overlook much. For instance, Kirk is still my favorite Captain. Of course he shouldn't have gone on away team missions, but the show was paying for a star and they had to make him earn his salary. Sure,all those romances make him look like a creepy philanderer, but again, writers' fault! Instead, I see that he has a heart that can be easily reached. I'm even fond of the way William Shatner put on a little weight now and then. It just made Kirk look like a real person.

Tom Baker, Doctor Who #4, said that fan love is superior to human love, and goodness, Tom Baker has had a lot of experience of both. ;) I don't know if that's true. It seems to me it's easier to give fan love, because as I have shown above, you can blame the frailty of your love object on those behind the scenes. But is there not something of the same in ordinary human relationships? Isn't love supposed to be inexplicable, in the sense that you don't give a list of reasons for which you love someone? I think of love itself as being a super-rational phenomenon. Perhaps it might be analogous to draw the same comparison between justice and mercy that one does between reason and love. One is a balanced process; the other is grace, as in the grace of God.

I realize that Blaise Pascal's aphorism: 'the heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing' says all this far more succinctly, but as much as I love a good aphorism, it can still be instructive to pick an idea apart and look at the pieces of which it is made.
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