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Fanfic mentioned AND included

So, Teaspoon is down for now, and there's this silly site that generates random Doctor / Companion / prompt type things.... it's sort of addictive... this is my second story so far in the last half hour.

Jo breathed a sigh of relief, as she finally got free of the gag and blindfold. Whoever had taken her captive hadn’t found the sonic screwdriver hidden down her boot. It was a good thing the Doctor had put entrusted it to her. She shouldn’t have any problem getting out of this room with its help.

She’d seen the Doctor use it dozens of times.

Hundreds of times.

It was simple.

“Oh, blast! Is it even on?” She shook it despairingly. It didn’t so much as light up.

“Allow me, Miss Grant.” A gloved hand took the sonic screwdriver from her. In her surprise at not having heard the door open, and her shock at seeing the Master, she didn’t resist.

The screwdriver started buzzing. The Master bowed and handed it back to her. “I think you’ll find this does the job, my dear. I’ll just leave you to it.” He smiled suavely and went back out, leaving her standing there gaping as he locked the door behind himself.

The sonic screwdriver vibrated in her grip. She tried holding it to the lock, but the door refused to open. She twiddled with the settings. It could vibrate more strongly, and more softly, but that’s all it did.

It felt quite pleasant in her hand. Very soothing. Almost—

“—that—that fiend!” Jo blushed so hard that she could feel the blood heat some very sensitive parts of her body. The sonic screwdriver throbbed insistently in her fist.

It looked like she’d be there a while. She might as well lie down on the bed. Perhaps she’d figure out this clever little tool’s controls if she kept trying.

It might take a while. She’d never had much of a head for science.

The End
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