LilacFree (lilacfree) wrote,


This is probably just a wild rumor. This columnist is supposed to be good at having the inside scoop on things. I hope the following is true, because I will just DIE.

Question: Your superpower is super-scoop. Save the world and give us some Heroes poop.— Sarah
Ausiello: Fanboys, prepare to piddle yourself. Christopher Eccleston — the original Dr. Who from the current Sci Fi/BBC series — is joining the cast in January in a really super (tee-hee) role. Speaking of cool pieces of casting, wait until you see who's ******* ****'s ****. You're going to flip.

No, I will DIE.

ETA: I hope it's true. Because the Fox OJ Simpson special 'If I did it, here's how I did it', is surely a sign of the collapse of western civilization. What obscenity.

Also, I saw the latest House. You know that old saying about 'real friends help you move the bodies'? I think Wilson knows it.
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