LilacFree (lilacfree) wrote,

fanfic mentioned but not included

In a moment of despair, I have edited my Teaspoon profile to add this:

I think anyone should be able to write whatever fanfic they like. They should be able to spell it and punctuate it however they like. But if you scorn to run your work through a spell checker, if you get character names wrong because you're too lazy to do two minutes of research, if you show a contempt for grammar and style, don't expect a review. I shall probably not be able to read your work, because it will actually cause me pain. PAIN. As crazy as it sounds, looking at your flippant molestation of the English language will make me want to cry and scream and break things. I am not myself a perfect writer, but I try hard to carefully edit my work, as an act of love. If you don't feel the same way, that's your prerogative. Continue as you are. Be happy. Have fun. If I occasionally wish you would drop dead, I will keep the name of you, my tormentor, to myself. I'm sorry to be such a drama queen. I'm sorry if you read this and feel hurt. If so, please remember I am only trying to defend what I love.

I am posting it here, because I'm sure few people look at the author profiles. I don't even expect a comment here. But if someone cares to comment, am I being too much of a drama queen? At least I didn't use the 'r' word. I wanted to, but just as bringing Hitler into a political conversation usually ends all hope of reasoned discourse, using rape as a metaphor is a hysterical ploy that discounts the real thing. So saying that the way some writers use the English language makes me think of a girls' academy bathroom and a broomstick handle studded with razor blades, that's probably not helpful.

Not that my diatribe can be expected to do anything more than vent my feelings.

Grr, argh.

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