LilacFree (lilacfree) wrote,


Marilyn Monroe has been reborn as my cat, Cinnamon.

I didn't realize it at first.. she's about a year and a half old. But my roommate Dan started calling her Marilyn because of the sensual way she'd fling herself down and invite him to rub her belly. Also, she makes up shamelessly to men.

You might be saying, 'But that was the Marilyn image, not the real Norma Jean.'

So what? You didn't see her lying on the floor in that pose JUST LIKE Marilyn's nude on the red velvet. It's amazing how a cat body could get into that shape. It was uncanny, actually eerie, especially with the look in her eyes.

So Marilyn's living at my house. But don't bother asking--
She doesn't give pawtographs.

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