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I am very very happy. After a lot of effort, the T-shirt design I made for the Elements of Magick class has become a reality. I got my T-shirt today, and the design came out pretty well--good color and still plenty of detail. This has been one of the most satisfying things I've done in a long time. The idea came to me, possessed me, and became an imperative to be completed. I'm not totally satisfied with the execution, but I think it would take me a long time to improve on the art work and this was for a more immediate need, to help the group raise money to bring teachers in for more advanced classes. Mostly a matter of paying airfare and board to people who are really volunteering their time to help others learn.

While I'm definitely on the Wiccan path, I certainly can't claim any great amount of skill, knowledge, or understanding. But I like this path. I like the ideas I've discovered while walking it. It stimulated my imagination and creativity. I've come to the conclusion that, meaning all the best, my parents stifled me a lot in that direction. They wanted me to prosper so they would always be looking for the career angle in my interests. I hated that. I don't want to blame them--I know that I've always faltered from pursuing art as a career because I know how hard it is to be really good and I'm afraid of taking risks. All art is like that--the good artists make it look easy.

I love doing it when it's working. When the image is there, and you lose yourself in making it come alive in whatever medium you're using. That's prayer; that's magick; that's sex all rolled into one. The creative high. The alpha state. I really must meditate more regularly.

I guess that's what I like best about witchcraft. It values the power of the imagination. And when you've grown up reading fantasy and science fiction and 'normal' people call you weird, it's nice to find a philosophy that values what you love.
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