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I made myself two vows.

After watching 'Bloodrayne' and barely escaping with my sanity (ok, that's debatable) I swore I would never go see a Uwe Boll film again.

After 'Crank' I promised I'd go see all of Jason Statham's future films.

Dammit if Jason didn't go and do Uwe's 'In The Name Of The King'.

I ended up siding with Jason and went to see the movie. Thankfully, his innate awesomeness overcomes Uwe's innate dreadfulness. It was a bad movie, but enjoyable, especially when Jason Statham is kicking ass as he does so well. I spend this morning watching 'Rashomon', with the commentary, and there's nothing like having Kurosawa's genius laid out for you and then going to see Uwe display just how bad a director he really is, even with good actors and production values. Can't they find some film student that could do what Uwe does, only better?

Behind the cut are comments found on I think they're posted by Uwe Boll and his mom.

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Great, very classic movie from Uwe, 3 December 2007
Author:cs-96 from Germany

Saw this yesterday when Uwe was also in the cinema. I must admit that Ihad my reservations on this movie, concerning Uwes lack of success inthe past. But this one blew me away. Great performance from all actorswith great plot and great lines. Some even funny scenes, of which Ihoped there would be more. After all it is a sincere movie with deepplots- classic plots like good versus evil, man- wife, father-sonrelationship, father-daughter relationship, David versus Goliath etc.With so many great actors it must have been awful to cut each one downto 2 hours of play time. What really shines is the camera, not astrength of Uwe in the past. A lot of Close Ups that put maximumattention on the stars ability to act. This was reminiscent to howfilms were made in the first half of the last century- more Ben Hurthan LOTR to sum it up. Also a plus Battlefield scenes that look muchmore realistic than most battle scenes in LOTR. Full Force JasonStatham fights like never seen before. CGI was always great and somescenes were totally new. Uwe answered some questions even referring toa second installment if this movie does well with the box officeresults. Really liked his down to earth approach, he is a real filmmaniac who cares a lot about his audience. Wonder if Tarantino shows somuch affection towards his clients...

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Possibly the greatest movie ever made., 20 November 2007
Author:The_Power from United Kingdom

I went to this movie expecting the worst, because of Uwe balls previouswork i was a little hesitant, oh how i was wrong, the story is about aman named "farmer" who has to run around all day killing people to savehis beloved wife, oh how he loves her so very much. you will neverforget the courage, the bravery, the love in this film. not to forgetthe special effects and dramatic action, Uwe bell has truly changed theway i will look at life, and I'm certain he will do the same for you.Hollywood will change because of this film, the impact it has on you,oh dear lord thank you, thank you for everything! be sure to take allyour friends and loved ones to see this movie, I'm sure after the 2hours 30 minuets they will thank you.

thank you Uwe Bull, for your outstanding directing skills and abilityto spend money wisely.

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A Modern Masterpiece, 10 November 2007

When it comes to epic fantasy move over Lord Of The Rings here comes InThe Name Of The King. Uwe Boll lets this film flow with beauty,graceand great storytelling. Jason Staham's acting as Farmer is academyaward worthy also Uwe Boll's Direction is flawless. This film also ismuch to short i just wanted more. I know Uwe Boll has made crap likeHouse Of The Dead and Alone In The Dark but this film is a flawless for2 and a half hours. Another thing the cast is spectacular especiallyJason Staham and Kristanna Loken who really should be in more films sheis a wonderful actress. This film is probably the best film of the 21stcentury knocking of the previous best We Are Marshall. If you want tosee a epic masterpiece see In The Name Of The King.

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A Great action adventure - A Big screen Movie of Knights and Kings!!, 25 July 2007
Author:tbrokop from Canada

The screening blew me away - What a GREAT movie! This is a Big Screenwinner. If you liked the Lord of the Rings saga this movie is bound torevive you. It is an adventure and some. You must see it - indeed youmust stay tuned for Jan 2008 and get ready for an adventure!! The movietakes you back to a time we have all dreamed of a time of knights andkings, great courage and noble deeds, wizardry and black magic. basedon the popular video game Dungeon Siege the remake of the game isastounding. A must see really!! It is a movie for the whole family towatch but you have to see it on the Big screen the CGI is fantastic butnot overdone, it really is the action that just never stops. Completewith amazing performances from the legends of film, the likes of BurtReynolds, Ray Liotta, Jason Stratham, Mathew Lillard, Ron Perlman, WillSanderson and the super HOTT Kristanna Loken!!

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