LilacFree (lilacfree) wrote,

Fanfiction Meme

Copied from marypseud; it's the Teaspoon Meme!

A meme about your story stats on A Teaspoon An And Open Mind, the epic Doctor Who fic archive.

1. Total number of completed fics on Teaspoon:
2. Highest hit count:
3. Lowest hit count:
4. Most reviews:
5. Fic with the number of reviews that bums you out the most (hey, let's exorcise those demons of self-doubt!):
6. Top 3 fics favourited by others:
7. Number of people you have favourited:
8. Number of reviews you have left:

1. 70 completed fics and *blush* Bonds.
2. Highest hit count - I'm not sure I believe in this stat, but here it is: 6980 on ch 1 of 'Always Wanted'.
3. Lowest hit count - 421 on 'Survivors'
4. Most reviews - 86 on the 'Winter of Her Discontent'
5. 4 on 'Walking the Labyrinth'. Yeah, it's full of weird references, but it's a very important fic to me.
6. Top 3 fics favorited by others: 'Always Wanted' and 'Winter of Her Discontent' at 19, 'Bonds' at 20 *blush*.
7. Number of people I've favorited: 6.
8. Number of reviews I've left: 1483.
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