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Got back early from the Elements class. We had a low turnout, but on the other hand it meant that we students got more teacher interaction. I was overjoyed to find that my sensitivity had increased and I did much better with the aura sensing exercises than previously. I was able to detect the randomly chosen point on her body from which my partner was projecting energy, and successfully send a 'color' of energy to my partner which she identified correctly, and I in turn identified her sending. It may sound pretty pointless, but these basic exercises are the key to learning how to trust your intuition and be aware of the state of your energy body. I hope no one thinks that the body isn't made of energy? If not, go read the Dancing Wu Li Masters by Gary Zukav which talks about physics and quantum mechanics.

I just hope the trancing goes better, too. That was toughest part for me last time.
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