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RIP Pete Postlethwaite

Who is Pete Postlethwaite, I hear some of you asking?

There are actors, when you see them, that cause you to say, "Hey, it's That Guy. You know, from that show, and that other show, and this movie. I can't remember his name off the top of my head but I know his face."

Mr. Postlethwaite was not exactly one of those. He was a British character actor who had a way of standing out in supporting roles. The first time I saw him was in Baz Luhrman's "Romeo + Juliet". He played Friar Laurence. The friar is one of the most well intentioned persons in the play, but his best efforts are set at naught and I have seen him portrayed as kind but ineffectual. Mr. Postlethwaite's friar was a man of conscience and determination; Fate had to work hard to overcome his efforts to make peace between warring families. His was the most interesting performance in the film for me. I always noticed his solid performances in any film I saw him in, no matter how small the role. His other big Hollywood part was in the second Jurassic Park movie, as the hunter who wanted to bag a T-Rex. The T-Rex didn't stand a chance.

Farewell Pete Postlethwaite. My sympathies to your family and friends.
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