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The Masada Saga

It has long been the custom of myself and es to have half a bagel for breakfast. I prefer Multi-Grain with whipped cream cheese and she prefers Everything with butter. This has been going on for several years, and we have not once ever tired of our particular brand of bagels, made by a local bakery called Masada. We have tried other bagels, deli bagels, fresh farmer's market bagels, and they did not measure up to the Masada brand.

The only thing that ever went wrong was accidentally buying pre-sliced bagels. Neither of us, and especially es, likes the way the texture of the bagel surface becomes hard and smooth from being sliced.

The proper routine (nay, ritual) goes like this:
1. The bagels are purchased.
2. The first morning, we use forks to punch holes around the perimeter of each bagel until it can be pulled in half, revealing a surface of taste-enhancing nooks and crannies.
3. We each have one bagel half, because that's all the carbs we can stand in the morning.
4. The remainder of the bagels are frozen for future use.

So even the frozen one half bagel is to us a more satisfying breakfast experience than other breakfasts. Even after years of eating the same bagels, we can bite into them and go, "mmmmm."

Well for the last few weeks the supply of bagels has dried up. I was only able to find pre-sliced, and that's just not acceptable.

So today I went to the source that has never before failed:

The Kosher Kroger.

This Kroger is about 5 miles north of us, in a ritzy neighborhood, and well out of my usual shopping radius. There is the Wal-Mart, 4 Publixes, and 5 other Krogers that are closer, but the Kosher Kroger is near a Jewish community and has a kosher products section that features a dedicated case for Masada Bagels.

Surely they would have a supply of our precious Multi-Grains and Everythings. I was even going to get a Cinnamon Raison for pseudopagan.







Maybe they moved them? So I went to the customer servce desk, and she sent me to the bakery, and the bakery guy went to find the receiving clerk.

He was gone several minutes. When he returned, he told me that instead of delivering their bagels themselves, Masada had switched to a distribution company.

Apparently all the kinks are not out of the process. Meanwhile, lilacfree and es are sad, sad pandas.
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