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The Iliad: First Down in the Fourth Quarter

So I kind of want to see the Iliad made into a movie. Not 'Troy'. I think a lot was lost on modern audiences with the failure to translate between cultures.

I want it be a football movie. Not because I love football, necessarily, but because it is the first thing that pops to mind of how to show what is driving the characters. Speaking of driving, the idea came to me when I was reading about the chariot race for Patroklos' funeral games. The poem goes into quite a lot of detail, starting with Nestor advising his son to use driving strategy to make the most of his inferior horses. Chariot racing had passionate fans in those days, as football and soccer do now.

So I started imagining Akhilleus as a quarterback who expected to start, but Coach Agamemnon benches him. This is to be his last season, his last chance for glory, and he's been denied.
Hektor, of course, is the quarterback of the other team. The gods are the rich owners on either side.

I don't give a damn about football. I don't need it to enjoy reading the Iliad. I just think it might appeal to people who ordinarily wouldn't go anywhere near the Iliad.

And I want to see Thetis as the Helicopter Mom who tries to get owner Zeus to overrule Coach Agamemnon. I wonder if Diana Nyad can act....
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